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Established 1909

Community Improvement Project Fund and Projects


The Community Improvement Project Fund

In 2005, the Cranberry Lake Boat Club established a Community Improvement Project Fund.  This fund is used to provide monetary support for community projects that need financial backing.  Prospective projects are brought to the Boat Club Board for its review and approval.  It will be the responsibility of the Board to determine if the project is appropriate and consistent with the purpose of the Boat Club.  If the project is deemed appropriate, the Board will then determine the amount of support that will be provided.

The Projects

Since the late 1990’s the Cranberry Lake Boat Club has provided over $20,000 “to enhance the general welfare of the area”.  Additionally two grants totaling over $9,000 were secured and applied to the Town of Clifton Beach Park Project.

The following are the major Projects that have been supported and /or accomplished: Defibrillator for the Rescue Squad; Town of Clifton Beach Park pavilions, fencing, landscaping, picnic tables, charcoal cookers and life guard chair; Wanakena Welcome sign; Annual contribution to the Banner Committee and Beach Park maintenance; Clifton Community Center Forever Wild Play Park and Parking Area; Benches at the Boat Club Dock and Boat Launch; Fire Hall Landscaping; Clifton/Fine Hospital/Clinic; Walking Bridge signs; Wanakena Dock Ladder and Bumpers; 50 Mile Trail, 2 Loon Floats, and replacement of the 2 Cranberry Lake Welcome Signs.   

In 2013 the Wanakena Dock bumpers were replaced (again) and we applied for and were awarded a Damoth Fund Grant for $3,750 to replace 3 aging benches in Cranberry Lake and to install a meditation bench at the Wanakena Cemetery.

  In 2014 the four Benches were installed and we were awarded a Damoth Grant for $2,250 for a Wayfinding Sign for the Beach Park. We also started fund raising for a Pavilion behind the Clifton Community Center.

In 2015 the Wayfinding Sign was finalized with the DOS and the Town Board and $450 was provided to help rebuild the Wanakena dock. Over $35,000 was raised for the Pavilion and at a cost of $22,000 the basic structure was built behind the Clifton Community.  Finishing touches will be added next year.


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