Jeanne's Workshop


Chair caning - splint, fibre and natural rush, pressed and hole cane, porch cane, Shaker tape.
Wicker repaired and baskets mended.
Bronze powder Stenciling
Wood working and furniture repair.

Jeanne's Workshop
201 Litchfield Road
Frankfort, New York


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Cane - hole

Lincoln rocker
Cane - hole - star Fancy - grain painted and stenciled
Cane - hole Star, daisy and spider web patterns
Cane - pressed Wicker back rocker
Cane - porch Porch rocker
Splint Small rocker
Splint Adirondack rocker
Embossed insert Large oak rocker
Natural rush Chair
Fibre rush Ladder back
Shaker tape Counter stool and foot stool
Wicker repair Child's wicker rocker
Wicker repair Fancy wicker rocker #1
Wicker repair Fancy wicker rocker #2
Wicker repair Fancy wicker high chair - repaired and finished
Wicker repair Fancy wicker photographer's chair
Wicker repair Fancy wicker chair
Wicker repair Fancy wicker chair - repaired and finished
Wicker repair Wicker chair
Baskets - mended Pack baskets
Baskets - mended Laundry and carrying
Baskets - new Miniature - cat's head
Baskets - new Shaker - carrying
Stenciling Fancy - hole cane
Stenciling Pretty stencil
Grain painting Fancy - stenciled too
Wood working Lathe work
Furniture repair Small rocker
Furniture repair Lincoln rocker
Furniture repair Hickory stick
Other Rocking Horse

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