The Ranch

Here is the view looking South East, walking in by three steps from the end of the county road turnaround.  These pictures were taken in May, 1993 - will be grown up some since then.  The electric is a 100 Amp service and is active with a base charge of $13 per month to Central Texas Electric Co-op., Inc. - base charge also covers the first 5KW of power used.  Telephone service was installed, presently out of service - provider is GTE.  

Look at the SURVEY and  TOPO links for details BUT here is the place to start to visualize the layout of the survey map to the actual land.  The Western pin at the road is essentially the first power pole that you see here on the right - the pin is located just to the front right of the pole, buried in the dirt when the power pole hole was dug.  The faint line you see just to the right of the power pole - going away from the road - is on the property line.  The Eastern pin at the road is visible in the picture at the stake you see just to the right center of the shed in the background - about 20' East of power pole (pin).

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