The Ranch

Here are some views of the trailer and shed along with some detail information.

The trailer and shed are on a concrete platform - 10' x 30' and  5' x 30' tied together with reinforcing screen embedded in the concrete - with about a 12" strep to account for the slope of the land.

The trailer is a 24', 1967 Airstream travel trailer.  It is in very good condition for its age.  In 1993, when I was living in it full time, all systems were functional with the exception of the furnace (I think that some mud wasps got into the exterior vent and plugged things up - unable to light it), the oven (I never have attempted to light it, no known problem), the light sockets in one of the ceiling light fixtures do not function, and the water valve to the toilet was stuck.  During my visit in 1995 or 96, the water pump failed - so no running water (I think that the pump diaphragm is worn out and either replacing it or the whole pump would resolve the problem) - the water system has been winterized, so I do not think there is freeze damage.  (The plastic roof vent for the refrigerator and the window curtains were deteriorated by the sun and need to be replaced.)  All other systems were functional when last used in '95/'96- refrigerator (combo electric and gas - last used on electric), gas stove top, kitchen sink, gas space heater, interior and exterior lights, air conditioner (the main shaft has bound up at times and was freed up with some WD40 applied after the interior cover was taken down), bathroom (sink, tub, shower, stool), hot water heater - water system last fully functional in '94/'95 as noted above when pump failed to pump - motor would run , etc.  All windows and vents are functional except the rear window opening mechanism.  The middle bed has bed replaced by a single box spring/mattress.  The trailer was last towed on the road in 1982 - from NY to TX - all systems functional for road use.  The (5) wheels and tires are available.  All the original owners manuals for the trailer and added stuff are in the trailer.  The trailer is essentially fully furnished with tableware, cookware, sheets, etc. and most will stay.

The shed is the distribution center for the electricity and phone systems to the trailer and shed - the wires from the power pole (#2 with the meter and weather head) run underground to the western end of the shed/trailer platform - there is a pit in the concrete for access (filled with some pellet stone now) to the future sewer line outlet and water inlet and maintenance to the electric and phone wires.  The shed is divided into three sections with exterior doors - two facing the trailer and one facing the road.  The western end contains the 100 amp electric distribution box with circuit breakers for the trailer and shed - lighting and outlets - with space for future use.  There is one light outlet in each section of the shed.  There is one 15 amp outlet in the western end of the shed for use there or by extension cord - electric distribution to additional outlets within the shed is incomplete.  There is one special 30 amp outlet for the trailer cord - access through the round hole to the right of the door.  There is a phone outlet and socket for the line to the trailer.  The trailer power cord and telephone cord are stored in the compartment at the back of the trailer.  The center section is used for storage of yard implements, misc. storage and the bed removed from the trailer.  The eastern section is used for the porta potty - the view is great!, and clothes.

The trailer, shed and power pole circuit breaker box are locked and secure - please note to me any broken locks.

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