Photographer - Casey Boss - From the South Shore of Cranberry Lake.
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Established 1909

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Photographer - Tyrah - View from Ranger School

Photographer - Jay Edel - 2005 Labor Day Picnic - Beach and camp site in front of Bear Mountian on the lake.

Photographer - Clint Farnsworth - POINTLESS and Friends.

Photographer - Clint Farnsworth - POINTLESS and 'NUFF at Sunrise.

Photographer - Jay Edel - Looking out from Jay's camp - Enjoying the water.

Photographer - Diane Covell - Guideboating on Cranberry Lake.

Photographer - Diane Covell - Sailfish - Columbian Point Behind.

Photographer - John Farnsworth - View from the Beach.


Photographer - Jay Edel - Two views from rock ledge on Lone Pine Road looking into Matilda Bay Fall '07.

Photographer - Joe Mauro - Blue Moon July 31,2015.

Photographer - Nicholas Hunter -  Loon Pic from South Bay 2014.

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